2019 Legacy of Design Awards


Commercial: Corporate Under 15,000 SF

Commercial: Corporate Over 15,000 SF

  • 1st Place

    Designer(s): Andre Staffelbach, ASID, FIIDA; Art Bloodworth, RID; Paul Hanley; Jo Heinz, FIIDA; Mark Keilson; Kevin Pheiffer, RA; Mark Reed; Hannah Rubin, IIDA

Commercial: Healthcare Over 15,000 SF

Residential: Bathroom Above $50,000

Commercial: Retail

Residential: Historic Preservation

Residential: Custom Designed Element

Residential: Unique Space

Best in Show - Legacy of Design - Commercial

  • Best in Show

    Designer(s): Paige Byrd, Allied ASID; Kelsey Sullivan, Trish Hammond, Marisa Coats, Hunter Spillers, Claire Chatham
    Project Name: HOSPITALITY UNDER 15,000 SF

Best in Show - Legacy of Design - Residential

Commercial: Unique Space

Commercial: Hospitality Under 15,000 SF

Residential: Entire Residence Over 5,000 SF

Commercial: Multifamily

Commercial: Sustainable Design

Commercial: Custom Designed Element

Residential: Entire Residence Under 5,000 SF

Commercial: Historic Preservation/Renovation

Residential: Model Home/Show Home

Commercial: Adaptive Reuse

Residential: Kitchen Between $30,000-$50,000

Residential: Kitchen Above $50,000

Residential: Bathroom Below $30,000

Residential: Bathroom Between $30,000-$50,000