ASID Launches One Voice

Each day we use our voices and visions to reshape spaces – and the lives of those occupying them – for the better. With those same voices working in unison, we have the power to design a better future for ourselves and for our entire profession. To do that, every interior designer, soft or loud spoken, must speak up about the issues that affect their ability to practice interior design.

Let’s design our future. Join your voice with the thousands of voices of interior designers across the country. LEARN MORE HERE or TEXT “One Voice” to 52886.

From small business owners to large firms, residential to commercial, the future of our profession will be heavily influenced by government decisions. Right now, elected officials are having conversations on issues that affect your lives and careers.
That’s why ASID is establishing One Voice.

One Voice is every interior designer’s platform – residential, commercial, or Industry Partner, ASID member or non-ASID member – to be heard by their elected officials from the state capital all the way to Washington, D.C. No matter your age or where you are in your career, your voice matters.

It’s time to take action by raising up as One Voice to design our future. Your Voice. Our Voice. We are One Voice!