Winners of the 2018 Texas Chapter Member Awards Announced

On the evening of Friday, August 10, 2018, at the ASID Texas Chapter Legacy of Design Awards held within The Grand Pavilion at the Trade Mart at Dallas Market Center, the following members were recognized for their service to the chapter by winning 2018 Texas Chapter Member Awards:

The Kathy Hammond Industry Partner Awards
  • Michael Bauer w/ Dallas Market Center
  • Alex Hosseinnia w/ Dallas Rugs

The Robert Preston Henry Practitioner Awards
  • On the Rise Legacy: Cody Rackley, Allied ASID
  • Emerging Legacy: Lisa Sorenson, Allied ASID
  • Longevity Legacy: Kim Kraemer, Allied ASID

Each of the Texas Chapter Member Awards is named after an individual who has exuded the characteristics all of us should admire and strive to emulate. They both left a legacy behind, setting the bar for us all to reach for in our own dedication to the interior design industry through the Texas Chapter of ASID:


Kathy Hammond was praised for her commitment to professionalism, keen sense of style, and eagerness to support the community. She consistently stepped up to the plate, always willing and eager to contribute where the need arose. This award is for an Industry Partner Representative who has continually and enthusiastically supported the Texas Chapter through their contribution of time, energy, materials, and resources.


Serving as ASID Texas Chapter president from 1993-1994, Robert Preston Henry actively promoted the profession he loved so much through a vibrant career spanning 60 years of dedication. He cultivated a love for interior design and was devoted to ASID. Practitioners nominated for one of these three awards radiate the same vibrant eagerness to support the chapter through volunteerism and commitment to peers, events and the chapter as a whole.