• This form is only to be used by ASID Texas Chapter leaders.
  • If you submit this form, you do NOT need to also submit the Calendar Entry Request Form.


If this is a one day event, please list the same date for start and end.
Examples: ABC Showroom; The XYZ Building; the Home of John Doe; Online; etc. If you do not yet know, enter "TBD".
If a virtual / online event, please leave this section blank. Address
Your phone number will not be included in the calendar listing unless you request it.
If different than the Organizer, be sure to list name and email address (and phone number too if you like).
Be sure to give yourself enough time for catering counts, event prep, etc.
Example: Only room for 90 people.
Examples: ASID members; Competition Entrants; Students; Event Sponsors
Examples: $40 for members; $65 for Guests; $20 for Students
Example: For a $20 ticket - If you absorb fees, the buyer will pay $20.00 & you will take in $17.91; If you pass fees on, the buyer will pay $22.09 & you will take in $20.00.
If you answer YES, please note that the online registration deadline will need to be the same as the online payment deadline.
Example: Attn Jane Doe, Allied ASID, 123 Main St, Anywhere, TX 12345
Examples: IDCEC # (if needed by CEU presenter); Meal Choice (Beef, Chicken, Vegetarian)
Acceptable file types: .png, .jpg, .gif, .pdf. File size cannot exceed 3MB.