Winners of the 2021 ASID Texas Chapter President’s Awards Announced

Every year before he or she leaves office, the current ASID Texas Chapter President singles out members who have provided extra support and have gone above and beyond for the chapter. Corey Davey, ASID, RID, the 2020-2021 ASID Texas Chapter President, has chosen to bestow each of the following members with a President’s Award for the 2020-2021 leadership year:



Sheryl Beck has been an incredible asset as Membership Director of the Texas Chapter. During her first year as Membership Director, she has exemplified true leadership skills to encourage, develop and maintain a strong level of participation in the chapter – amidst a pandemic! Sheryl has done an outstanding job creating and fostering connections and relationships with members, which keeps our chapter healthy and strong.



Barbara Marini has done a tremendous job as an educator and Director of Interior Design at the University of Texas at Arlington. Student engagement at UTA has been greatly elevated as a direct result of Barbara’s advocacy. Barbara has an extensive past of service to ASID, including serving as National Chair (2012-2013), and we are incredibly thrilled to have her in the Texas Chapter helping pave the way for students and leading them down a pathway of real success!


AMY MINTS, ASID Industry Partner Representative

Amy Mints has been an outstanding resource for our Industry Partners during her role as the Texas Chapter’s Industry Partner Liaison. When she stepped into the position, she immediately began learning how to provide the best communication and service to our Industry Partners. As an Industry Partner Representative herself, Amy brings a level of understanding of her own needs, for which we are incredibly grateful – and it shows in her dedication to the chapter!



Kathryn Nelson arrived on the Board as Communications Director, while successfully chairing the chapter’s annual Student Symposium. In order to provide this incredible student-focused event, Kathryn worked with students, professionals, educators and Industry Partners to provide enriching virtual programming, which engaged all participants on a level that was unexpected during a very unusual time. In addition to showing great leadership for ASID, Kathryn has also maintained success leading her design firm.



Laura McDonald Stewart continues to be an incredible asset to the industry, the society and the chapter. As a leader in the Chapter, Laura creates efficiency in the efforts of the Design Communities and the Texas Chapter. With her wealth of knowledge and experience, we are a far better running chapter with Laura helping lead the way. This year she has been of exceptional value as the chapter has learned to navigate through a virtual and hybrid world with Laura’s guidance. Laura has been and continues to be one the chapter’s most treasured volunteers.